Culture in its creative sense maintains an axiom to harness both artistic expression and collective appreciation of the results. And with poetic energy, the paintings of Adrianna Wojcik Muffat Jeandet, featured in the exhibition Patrimoine Contemporain, define a crystallization and re-seeing of majestic mountain slopes and rustic settings, one that is seen not only as continuous and organic, but as also potentially adventurous and fulfilling. They are also impressionistically challenging, suggesting as they do a vibrancy of movement that speaks to an allegory of hope and yearning for a landscape whose permanence has been left vulnerable to the forces of modernity and climate change. If the artist celebrates a locality that is close to her heart, then surely the exhibition Patrimoine Contemporain represents an opportunity to admire and celebrate the increasingly import artistic legacy of Adrianna Wojcik Muffat Jeandet, who is in every respect a local and national treasure.